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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just A Concept?

Family was once denoted as a concept to anthropologist who believed familial relations were only bound by blood. Later to be understood as a framework for those who shared a common desire and an adopted bond with co-residence. The 'blood' bond, has now been ceded to a metaphorically imposed tone instead.

Today, we as familyblendz, are accomplishing the same goals literally as any other family. Once known and viewed as a source of procreation, families are known today to provide so much more. These terms were best defined well before what we call 'familyblendz' were as common as they are today.

So what do we do? Do we not bring definition to a common reality? Do my children's life lessons no longer matter because their parents don't look similar to what we view as traditional? Elle and I completely disagree. Our kids run, jump, and play; they enjoy their friends, their family time as well as their educational accomplishments as well. We have been extremely excited that our eldest daughter has been on Honor Roll for the last year and is currently on track to remain educationally lifted. We no longer defend our family values, but yet, we now only to define our values. As a family, we have decided to move from PRIDE to PROUD.

The religious left and conservative right, listen, folks that's all politics. No longer will we look on from the sidelines and hope for the best. There is an assault on our family and as parents, we will continue to speak out on behalf of the lively-hood of our kids just as any parent would. We were saddened to find that Arizona recently removed health care benefits from those whom they had just given them too. Thats politics. So we are pushing further than the political approach in order to get to substance.

We say it all the time, Elle and I don't want an ounce more than what is leveled. A leveled playing field and equality in the representation of our family. As I type this morning, our eldest is preparing for school and she interrupted me to ask, "daddy, so is someone going to pick me up from cheerleading practice today?" "Of course", I said. That's no concept friends.

Our special needs little boy is no concept and our three year old little girl is so proud she's finally mastered the! From a distance, sure, this appears to be an experiment of sorts, but only if there could be cameras or flies on the wall in this It's funny. It's a long road, but we will see you at the other end of the rainbow! Have a great day!