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Gay New Jersey couples seek marriage rights

Friday, September 25, 2009

Same Sex Lesbian may lose custody to Partner

The one story that never gets told in the "gay marriage" debate is that of the marriage aftermath. After being married myself to a woman for 15yrs, we decided to split drama free! That took more communication and intense conversation; usually this requires much more than what was needed during the relationship itself.

However, whats never told is what happens when the gay marriage you fought so hard for simply fails? In February 2009, an "Ex-lesbian" continued to violate court orders regarding custody battle. Lesbian mom gets custody for five weeks in summer. The order was already several years old.

Lisa Miller continued to fight against her former civil partner over their young daughter. Miller went to Rutland Family Court and sought to eliminate or reduce the number of court-ordered visits her former civil-union partner has with her daughter, Isabella. Judge William Cohen denied that motion. Jenkins sought primary custody of the 6-year-old girl [pictured]. Cohen also denied that motion, but put Miller on notice that continued violation of court orders would put her custody in jeopardy. He also ordered Jenkins get custody of the child in Vermont for five weeks during the summer.

"At some point, Miss Miller's behavior is forcing a hand," Cohen said. Isabella was born in 2002, when Miller and Jenkins were still together. Since they split up in 2003, they have been locked in a custody battle. Jenkins lives in Fair Haven. Miller moved to Virginia, where state law specifically rejects the legitimacy of same-sex unions.

In court Wednesday, her attorney, Stephen Crampton, said she did not comply with Vermont court orders because she did not believe Virginia authorities would enforce them. Now my question is "why wouldn't they enforce them?" Equal means equal you guys. How can we convince the establishment that we are serious if they unfairly provide loop holes for us to forego our legal parental rights that we fight for?

The Story Continued.......

As of last this week, the saga continues. And why is that? well, no state wants to be the first to enforce a law which may get pushed to the Supreme Court and thereby set a precident for the nation. Whether you are for or against Gay Marriage, and I am not, the fight does not end with the right to be married, but it only begins when we have to determine how fair the nation has to be with blind justice in the aftermath.

Lisa Miller says that if she doesn't hand her daughter over to her former lesbian partner later this week, she may lose custody of her. Although Miller says she's turned straight, Vermont judge Richard Cohen has ruled that her former partner, Janet Jenkins, has visitation rights, and is the child's other parent.

In a recent interview, Miller said that during the latest status conference with Cohen, her attorney was told that the judge is fed up with her repeated disobedience to his visitation orders. "He said that there is going to be another visitation at the end of this month, and that if I do not give that visitation" he implied that "he would be forced to transfer custody at that time," said Miller.