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Monday, October 12, 2009

Gay Immigration Equality...or Unfairness? Let's stay focused!

The New York City Council passed a resolution Wednesday supporting a congressional bill to allow American citizens to sponsor their foreign-born, same-sex partners in the naturalization process.

The idea behind this goes kinda like this; Anyone who is not from the United States may be permitted to begin the Naturalization, or path to citizenship through their sponsorship or "partnering" up of their same sex significant other. Clearly, their are problems with this. You have to almost begin by wondering, "where do you start first with this one"?

First, this path has left a bitter taste with hetero couples. How many people or stories have you heard with someone from another country paying someone to marry them and live with them for 2yrs, federal law, so they could apply for citizenship? Those problems won't go away, they will only increase.

Gay Immigration sounds like a great idea, but I can't help but think "are we ready for this legal fight"? We very well may, but what a slippery slope that will be. I am one of those "americans" who are strong supporters of an even stronger immigration policy-to prevent illegals and undocumented workers from entering the country. Or even worse, to ensure terrorists are not allowed in through relaxed policies. So how can I be strong on immigration reform, but willing to relax those same policies for the GLBT community?

It almost goes against the 'Equality we are all fighting for. Well, that's my soap box. The resolution on the Uniting American Families Act of 2009 was passed within two weeks of being introduced. Eight people, including Immigration Equality executive director Rachel Tiven, testified to the Immigration Committee on September 29 in favor of the resolution.

Jerrold Nadler, a congressman representing parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, is the leading sponsor of the House's version of the bill. Vermont's Patrick Leahy is the sponsor of the Senate's version.

Let's make sure, we don't allow politicians a free ride on their campaign pledges. What I mean is, they propose legislation that they know won't get passed, but they win a feather in their hats, simply because they proposed it. That shouldn't be enough. Mr. Leahy, I truly feel like this is one of those times. The Senate is no where close to relaxing immigration laws for hetero americans, they're definitely not considering relaxing these rules for the GLBT community.

Keep in mind, John McCain stayed closed in the run upto 'election '08 simply because he was able to rally the GOP around Immigration Reform. Let's keep our eye's on the ball folks...this dog won't hunt.