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Monday, October 12, 2009

Surrogacy & Adoption for Same Sex Familyblendz Couples!

Circle Surrogacy has helped bring to the world over 250 babies since 1995. They have assisted couples and singles, gay and straight, from more than 30 different countries -- from as far away as Dubai, Afghanistan, Russia, Israel and Australia, as well as almost every European country, Canada and Columbia. They also have personnel in Boston, New York, Texas, Indiana and Arizona, and we work with all of the Harvard teaching hospitals and fertility centers in the Boston area, Connecticut, New York and California. They work with fertility centers from all over the country.

I wanted to present some of this information to you because I have been getting emails and questions regarding both adoptions and surrogacy. Lets not kid each other, surrogacy can be extremely expensive, yet what it provides is something that ultimately can't be bought.

As the next seminar for adoption and surrogacy approaches, think about attending to gain information on your own as well as have many of your questions answered by professionals as well as those who have already done it.

familyblendz is not affiliated with Circle Surrogacy and Adoptions, but this organization has a long history of working with Same sex Couples in America and goes above and beyond to help the GLBT community in starting families of their own.

Through some back channels, I was invited today to play a role in getting this seminar off the ground in the GLBT Community. We will continue some of these discussions tomorrow in our meeting with the Human Rights Campaign in Atlanta.

FamilyBlendz is eager to do whatever we can to not only share our experiences with raising children you and the rest of the GLBT-World, but we also want to ensure you are building a strong family base in your own life. Elle and I also want to ensure that those who desire these responsibilities as Same Sex Couples enjoy the right to do so.

As soon as I get more information I will surely pass it on to you! Email me your name(s) to "" if you are interested in attending the Circle Surrogacy and Adoption Seminar in Atlanta. This IS A FREE EVENT!! I will be in contact with you regarding further information.